VIEW PAC is registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) as a hybrid PAC, meaning we maintain separate, segregated accounts for contributing directly to federal candidates, as well as for making independent expenditures.

Historically, VIEW PAC has limited its efforts to raising money for direct contributions to viable, qualified female Republican candidates.  However, we understand that more needs to be done if we are to achieve our mission of protecting and increasing the number of Republican women holding federal office.  In 2018, we began utilizing our independent expenditure component to maximize our impact on key races.

Through the activation and funding of VIEW PAC’s independent expenditure capabilities, we strategically deploy voter contact efforts on the ground and on the airwaves to support vulnerable incumbents and competitive challengers when they need it the most, whether it be in the primary election or in the general.

A post 2016 election study, Representation 2020, showed that a disproportionate amount of outside spending goes to opposing Republican women.  Additionally, Republican women are less likely to receive PAC money until they become the Party’s nominee.  These dynamics set up a paradox; female Republicans are struggling to win their primaries but generally don’t receive financial and organizational support until they do. Sadly, we are confident that a final review of 2018 cycle spending will demonstrate this inequality in an even greater way.

VIEW PAC’s independent expenditure efforts aim to help combat this disparity.  We are committed to helping as early, and as powerfully, as resources allow and need dictates.

VIEW PAC may accept contributions to its independent expenditure effort from individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, trade associations, and corporations in unlimited amounts.

For more information please contact:

Julie Conway (Executive Director) at 703-801-3465 or [email protected]